How HTG Reviews Work

Technology Points

Technology has become more important than ever, as hotels look to evolve business operations and constantly improve the guest experience.


The baseline HTG recommends for all of our listed hotels with a passion for delivering technology to their guests during their stay.

4 Stars

The technology is not just there but it’s a quality offering for the services this hotel offers and the hotel is dedicated to offering a premium experience.

5 Stars

A hotel that goes above and beyond and is offering the best services and technologies available to their guests throughout the location.

How do we work out the ratings?

Hotel Tech Guide's Technology Rating is based on a number of parameters that break down into three main categories:

Guest Reviews

It is extremely important that guests have a positive experience with the hotel’s technology and as such guest reviews makes up an important part of the technology rating.

Technology Offering

More is not always better but hotels need to provide various technologies in order to receive a certain rating. As with all technologies there are also product features that will influence the rating accordingly.

HTG Inspector Review

Once a year, independent inspectors review the hotel’s technology to provide an assessment of the technologies installed to ensure the services are available.

From these key areas and based on the weighting of each category, a HTG technology rating is given. This rating is reviewed on an annual basis.

Reviews & Score


The HTG guest reviews platform is a core part of not only how the technology rating is calculated but also providing in-depth feedback on the hotel technology offering, more generally.

The platform allows guests to rate their overall experience at the hotel, focusing on the technology & digital services offered.They can also rate individual aspects of the experience, such as the hotel's TV offering or another featured tech.

The overall rating score received is an average rating of all the reviews received by the hotel factoring in the number of guests that have provided reviews, before generating the star rating.

All reviews are public and are non moderated to give a true unbiased view of the technology offered by a hotel, from their guests.