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Over the years, more and more guest facing technologies have been installed into hotels around the world but hotels have not had an effective way to promote them.

Hotels continue to spend a lot of money on guest-facing technology, as they constantly strive to improve the guest experience and reduce operational inefficiencies. However with this level of expenditure

Do guests know what technologies are available when they book? Do guests use and like the installed technologies? Are the technologies aligned to a hotel's guest mix? How are hotels performing against other hotels? What are the market trends? What are the next technologies?

What is HTG

Hotel Tech Guide (HTG) is a cloud-based SaaS technology platform, focusing on guest-facing technology data. Data is critical in providing the right guest experience but also delivering the correct information, at the right time.

Key Features

  • Access to Hotel Tech Guide’s Cloud based SaaS technology platform.

  • Open API access to your hotel technology data for integration.

  • HTG’s embeddable hotel widget for your website or 3rd party usage.

  • Promote your hotel technologies via HTG and personalise your profile page

  • Market set view and how your hotel is performing, with full reporting.

  • Brand Standards and technology compliance.

Our Services

Basic Features

  • HTG full API access
  • Responsive Hotel Widget
  • Booking engine integration
  • Highlight new technologies and upgrades.
  • Brand and personalize HTG hotel profile.
  • Review & rate technology
  • Market analysis
  • Up to 3 Users


  • One Time only Set- up Fee £999
  • incl. 2-hour remote training & support
  • then £199 per month
  • (2 months free if paid annually in advance)


  • Brand Standards- Technology Compliance Multi Brand Operators
  • Head office/Hotel Group Enabler
  • Additional Booking Channels
  • Additional Guest Review/Feedback Integration
  • Additional Supplier Review/Feedback Integration


  • £149 per month per hotel
  • £29 per month
  • Price on request
  • Price on request
  • Price on request

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